Protecting Our Trees

There are county rules on tree removal that can affect property owners in Bannockburn. First, we cannot remove trees on the county land between the street and our street property lines (usually a space 20 feet wide) without a county permit. The county states: "Before a roadside tree is trimmed or cared for in any way including removal, a Tree Care Permit must be obtained from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Forest Services (301-854-6060)."

Second, the county states: "Any person who expects to cut, clear, or grade more than 5000 square feet of forest or any champion tree may need approval from Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC).

Please contact M-NCPPC at 301-495-4540 or 410-442-2080 for further information." 5,000 square feet is a smaller area than one might think – it is 25% of a 20,000 square foot lot. So, for example, it is possible that construction of a swimming pool might under some circumstances require such a permit.

Also, in November 2012 the BCA Board approved the following resolution concerning the tree canopy in our neighborhood :

WHEREAS the community represented by the Bannockburn Citizens Association highly values the tree canopy in our neighborhood; and

WHEREAS trees in our neighborhood are an integral part of our surroundings and add important aesthetic as well as an environmental values which include shade for cooling and habitat for birds and other wildlife.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Board of Directors of the Bannockburn Citizens Association urges developers and homeowners (1) to understand and respect the importance of the tree canopy when planning to build or renovate homes in this neighborhood, and (2) to use best practices for protecting and preserving trees in all phases of construction and renovation, as set forth in the City of Charlottesville, VA "Best Management Practices for Tree Preservation, Transplanting and Removal" (2009).