The BCA Board solicits your ideas and support. If you are interested in working on any of the below committees or the website, please contact me or any board member.

Neighborhood Security[Top]

John Hannula, Committee Chair

Our Neighborhood Security Committee works with our block captains to encourage neighbors to be watchful and look out for one another. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact committee chair John Hannula. The other members of this committee are Barry Fausnaugh, Seth Goldstein, Ian Greathead, Mike McCarthy, Samuel Marien-Efron, and Geert Van Brandt.

Please review the Neighborhood and Personal Security suggestions.


Karen Lesser, Treasurer

BCA's Treasurer pays our bills, deposits contributions to our bank account, and monitors our finances. Dues are important to fund our festivals, meetings and other activities.

Website and Online Groups[Top]

Matt Koll, Committee Chair

This committee maintains and updates our BCA Website and Google Groups messaging service. Matt and Gitika are admins in the messaging group.


Gitika Kaul, Committee Chair

This committee helps foster our neighborhood's sense of community, working in conjunction with festivals, welcoming and our communication platforms. Please feel free to reach out with ideas, suggestions for community cohesion.


Bonnie Garrett, Committee Chair

Our annual "Spring Festival" picnic is held in May at Concord Park, and our "Fall Festival" is held there in October. If you are interested in assisting to organize this event to continue making it a great success contact Bonnie Garrett, Committee Chair.


Mark Pollak, Committee Chair

Our Covenants Committee continues to monitor construction and permit applications in the neighborhood.This committee addresses new homes and renovations.  If you have any questions, contact Mark. For additional information, please view our Covenants Page

News and Quarterly Meetings[Top]

Ted Garrett

BCA meets quarterly in a meeting room kindly provided by St. Mark. Our meetings are an opportunity to visit with your neighbors, hear committee reports and discuss issues of interest to our neighborhood. We also typically have speakers on diverse topics. If you have suggestions, particularly for speakers, contact Ted Garrett.

Ted Garrett also circulates occasional emails to announce meetings and developments of interest to the neighborhood.


Gala Voya, Committee Chair

Gala and committee members have continued to welcome new BCA neighbors. If you have suggestions and/or would like to work on this effort, or if you know of new residents in the neighborhood, please email Gala.


We have formed a BCA environment committee, which has identified the following activities: exploring ways to mitigate deer infestation and its impacts, a BCA website page with information on reducing one’s energy use and environmental impacts, a BCA resolution on best practices for tree preservation and removal, a fall walk and cleanup of Booze Creek, a cleanup of invasive plants at Concord Park, and a fall garden spruce-up on the triangle. 

View Environmental Page

Committee Members: Ted Garrett, Gerry Ehrenstein, Geoffrey Bird, Seth Goldstein, Jennifer Kawar, Barry Malter, Ken Rubin, Brad Schmonsees, Bekki  Sims, and Geert Van Brandt.

Block Captains[Top]

John Hannula, Committee Chair

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