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Subject: Recent Burglary Incidents
Date Sent: October 4, 2011

A home on Nevis was burglarized on Friday. The vandals kicked in the front door and stole jewelry.  The alarm went off the service called the victims.   They burglars were gone by the time police arrived. This sounds very much like the MO of the burglary on Broxburn Drive last Wednesday.  

Detectives have been assigned to these burglaries. There do not appear to have been any witnesses to these events.  These are serious incidents.  I have alerted our county police liaison, who has requested increased police patrol presence in our neighborhood. 

What can we do?  Please call the county police if you see anything that appears suspicious.  If a perpetrator is casing a home or a street, they may be driving around or parking, or walking in some of our wooded areas, looking at homes and observing when people come and go.  You may not always be able to tell a “friend” from a “foe,” but if you sense that something is not quite right, call the police at  (301) 279-8000.  Please mention you are calling because the community has had several burglaries recently.  Err on the side of caution and don't think you are burdening the police.  They request and need such input. 

You can also help by cooperating with your neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s homes.  You can also talk to your BCA block captain; they are listed on our website at:

Encourage your neighbors to register on the BCA website and provide their current e-mail address, which is the only way that our neighbors can receive these e-mail alerts. (Don't worry: your e-mail addresses are not publicly available.) The link to the website is:

I wish there was an immediate solution to this problem.  We have the best opportunity to solve these kinds of incidents by working together and with the police. 

I hope to see all of you at our Fall Festival on Sunday, October 16 from 4-6 pm.  This will be a good occasion to catch up with one another and share some good cheer. 

Ted Garrett
BCA President


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