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Subject: Another Incident
Date Sent: October 24, 2011

One of our neighbors reported that a home in the 7100 block of Laverock Lane was broken into today between 11:30 a.m. and noon.  One of the home's owners left the house briefly to run an errand.  It appears that the burglars were watching for an opportunity to enter an empty house.  The burglars kicked in the front door and the alarm went off. A passerby saw two African American teenagers running from the house and driving away in a silver Chrysler minivan. The police arrived, but they did not catch the burglars.  The police responded very promptly and are hopefully carrying out a thorough investigation.

This crime seems to have been performed in exactly the same manner as the prior burglaries in our neighborhood. The pattern seems to be that the burglars kick in the front door, run up to the master bedroom and grab what jewelry they can, and then leave quickly. They are not deterred by an alarm, because they can be in and out within a few minutes, before the police have time to respond to the alarm. There has been no report of any weapons seen.

What can we do?  The BCA Board would like interested neighbors to volunteer to form an ad hoc BCA Neighborhood Security Committee to focus on these issues.  If you are interested in working on such a committee or have suggestions, please contact me or other members of the BCA Board. 

Please call the county police if you see anything that appears suspicious.  Note the license number of any suspicious vehicle(s).  If a perpetrator is casing a home or a street, they may be driving around or parking, or walking in some of our wooded areas, looking at homes and observing when people come and go.  If you sense that something is not quite right, call the police at  (301) 279-8000.  Please mention you are calling because the community has had several burglaries recently.  Err on the side of caution.  The police request and need such input. 

You can also help by cooperating with your neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s homes.  Walk around the neighborhood.  You can also talk to your BCA block captain; they are listed on our website at:

Encourage your neighbors to register on the BCA website and provide their current e-mail address, which is the only way that our neighbors can receive these e-mail alerts. (Don't worry: your e-mail addresses are not publicly available.) The link to the website is:

We have the best opportunity to solve these kinds of incidents by working together and with the police.

On a more upbeatnote, we had another wonderful Fall Festival on October 16.  You will hear and see more about that in our next BCA newsletter. 

Ted Garrett
BCA President


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