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Subject: Fall Festival and Resolution Concerning Our Tree Canopy
Date Sent: September 7, 2012

Please mark your calendars for the BCA Fall Festival and Picnic at Concord School (7210 Hidden Creek Rd) October 14 from 4-6 pm. Enjoy the many activities and visit with your neighbors. Food and drinks will be provided. We will have activities for children of all ages. All neighbors are invited to bring their dogs (leashed, of course) for our annual dog show.  Stop by the BCA table where you can pay dues, volunteer for committees, browse old newsletters, offer suggestions, etc. We will also have a Good Neighbors Committee table with sign-up sheets for seniors and volunteers to help seniors. It will be a festive event for the whole family.

I also wish to report on a draft BCA board resolution regarding protecting our neighborhood’s tree canopy.  The draft was prepared by Bekki Sims of our BCA Environment Committee and it was discussed at last night’s general meeting.  The draft explains the importance we place on the tree canopy and urges homeowners and developers to use best practices for protecting and preserving trees as set forth in the City of Charlottesville best management practices guidelines.  I expect that the resolution will be taken up by the Board in the next few weeks.  It reads as follows:

Bannockburn Citizens Association
Board of Directors
Resolution Regarding Preserving Our Tree Canopy

WHEREAS the community represented by the Bannockburn Citizens Association highly values the tree canopy in our neighborhood; and

WHEREAS trees in our neighborhood are an integral part of our surroundings and add important aesthetic as well as an environmental values which include shade for cooling and habitat for birds and other wildlife.  

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Board of Directors of the Bannockburn Citizens Association urges developers and homeowners (1) to understand and respect the importance of the tree canopy when planning to build or renovate homes in this neighborhood, and (2) to use best practices for protecting and preserving trees in all phases of construction and renovation, as set forth in the City of Charlottesville, VA “Best Management Practices for Tree Preservation, Transplanting and Removal” (2009).

The Charlottesville guidelines are available online

Best wishes,
Ted Garrett
BCA President

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