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Subject: December Meeting Hghlights, Newsletter, and Dues
Date Sent: December 19, 2012

We had our end-of-year meeting on December 6, with reports from our Board and Committees.

We also had informative remarks by Matt Kelleher, who is a Fire Safety Specialist for Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service. He emphasized the importance of having at least one working smoke alarm in your home, preferably near the bedroom, and having an exit plan in case of a fire. The Rescue Service will come to your home and provide a free fire safety evaluation upon request. You can call Matt Kelleher at (240) 777-2430.

There was also a discussion of traffic issues near the exit from Nevis to River Road, which broadened to a more general discussion of traffic in the neighborhood. The message was that neighbors should drive within speed limits and with courtesy to others.

Our Bannockburn Banner newsletter is at the printer and has neighborhood news and photos from our fall festival and meetings. It also discusses the work of our committees and who you can contact with suggestions or to become involved.

Bannockburn Citizen Association dues for 2013 are due on January 1. You can pay on line on our website or send your check to Bonnie Garrett, BCA Treasurer, 6604 Broxburn Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817.

Our next general meeting is Tuesday, March 7, 2013.

Best wishes for the holidays and the new year.
Ted Garrett, President
Bannockburn Citizens Association

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