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Subject: MAY 19 Spring Festival, Bannockburn Citizens Association
Date Sent: May 6, 2013


Sunday May 19, from 4 to 6 pm                         
Concord School Park (7210 Hidden Creek Road)

  • Please come with your family -- and pets.
  • Have your portrait drawn by a caricaturist.
  • Food and games for children.
  • Announcing the spring plant exchange.
  • Enjoy the many activities and visit with everyone in your community.
  • Meet your friends at the Good Neighbors table.  Learn more about BCA. 

Calling all kids!

We will be painting metal butterflies that you can keep.

Announcing the fifth annual spring plant exchange!  Please bring plants!!!

Beautify your yard and the neighborhood, get advice on plants,  interest your children in plants, gardening and nature!

Please bring your extra plants (labeled if possible) in any sort of container and take home something new and different to enhance your garden. 

If you can participate or help with any of the following, please contact the person listed below:

We are looking forward to another festive event.  I hope to see you on May 19, rain or shine (but we ordered sun)! If you have comments or suggestions please contact our festival coordinator,  Bonnie Garrett.

Website.  Please take a look at our BCA website, if you have not done so recently. There is a lot of information about BCA committees, activities, covenants, newsletters, etc.

Next Meeting.  Finally, mark your calendar for our next general meeting on Thursday, June 6, at 7:30 pm.  More details later. 

Ted Garrett, President
Bannockburn Citizens Association

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