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Subject: BCA Invasive Vines "Earth Day" Cleanup April 19
Date Sent: March 18, 2014

In keeping with the value which we in the Bannockburn neighborhood place on our trees, the Bannockburn CitizensÂ’ Association Environment Committee is planning a community effort to eliminate invasive vines where they threaten our canopy.

On Saturday morning, April 19, the weekend before Earth Day, we hope to organize work parties of volunteers to cut down English Ivy, and/or other invasive vines such as Kudzu, Oriental Bittersweet, and Multiflora Rosa from threatened trees adjacent to the street. We need your responses on two counts.

First, we ask you to inspect your trees adjacent to the street to see if they are infested with vines. A particularly easy one to spot is English Ivy. If you do have threatened trees and would like to have these invasive vines removed, please respond to me with your address. We will not remove vines without your explicit approval.

Second, we need volunteers for this work. If you are willing and able to spend a few hours with your neighbors cutting vines which threaten our neighborhood canopy, please so indicate by responding to Seth, and provide your address.

If you have vines to be cut but are not able or willing to do the work, please still request the work.

Send your responses to Seth Goldstein at:

Seth will try to coordinate the addresses where the work is to be done with the addresses of the volunteers so that neighborhood work parties can be formed. In any event, Seth will be able to give guidance throughout the morning.

We will organize a get together with refreshments after the event for the participants.

Please respond promptly to Seth Goldstein so there is time to organize a successful effort.

I look forward to seeing you Thursday.

Best wishes,

Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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