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Subject: BCA Meeting On Thursday
Date Sent: December 2, 2014

Meeting on Thursday

Please attend our meeting at 7:30 pm this Thursday, December 4 at St. Mark's. This will be our year-end meeting featuring holiday cheer with eggnog, coffee and cookies. We particularly would like to welcome our new neighbors. As usual, we will have reports from our several committees, who are doing important work for our neighborhood.

Rebecca Kahlenberg will discuss her work as founder and executive director of MoverMoms. The organization is a group of mothers who regularly perform volunteer projects around the community. Their projects focus on poverty, hunger, the environment, health, emergency relief, and tolerance. Rebecca will discuss how, by making it easy for families to participate in volunteer projects, MoverMoms has improved the lives of people in our community and promoted cross-cultural understanding.

Suggestions welcomed for speakers at future meetings. These are your meetings, and we want them to be interesting and informative to you. Bonus points for suggested speakers who are Bannockburn neighbors.

New Activities. Would you be interested in or like to start a book club? A language club? A bridge club? Photography? Hiking? Dog walking? Cooking? Painting? Soccer? Travel? Send me your ideas and I'll circulate an e-mail to all neighbors and we will see who is interested in getting together.


Please encourage your neighbors to register on our website to receive periodic e-mails concerning BCA meetings and festivals, neighborhood dinners, happy hours and other gatherings, robbery incidents, activities (see above) and other information. Neighbors can find our website at: Register on the BCA website by clicking on the "register" tab, and/or update any change in e-mail address. Your e-mail address is confidential and cannot be accessed by others.


Best wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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