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Subject: Booze Creek Update + March 5 Meeting
Date Sent: February 25, 2015

Booze Creek Update

Booze Creek Update

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is in the process of developing plans to repair the restoration work that was implemented in 2013 along Lower Booze Creek, between River Road and Cabin John Parkway. The repair work will address damage caused by major storm events to instream structures which occurred shortly after restoration was complete. Because conditions along the stream have changed since the initial survey was performed, DEP will resurvey the entire site for designing the repair work.

McCormick Taylor Inc. and their subcontractors, have been selected by DEP to assist in repairing the stream restoration project. Starting in the last week of February and extending into March, 2015, McCormick Taylor Inc. and their subcontractors will be walking the stream, collecting survey data, and inventorying existing trees.

For more information about this project and stream restoration in general, please visit, and click on Stream Restoration. If you have any questions regarding this effort, you can contact Darian Copiz at 240-777-7774.

March 5 Meeeting: Solar Panels

Kirk Cummings at Aurora Energy will speak at our general meeting on March 5 meeting at 7:30 pm at St. Mark's. One of our neighbors had solar panels put in several years ago by Aurora, and our neighbor has been pleased with the reduction in his electricity consumption. Kirk Cummings will discuss how the process works, from the assessment of the feasibility of solar panels (tree canopy etc.), to the tax credits and other cost issues, etc. As usual, we will have reports from our various committees.

Stay warm and safe.

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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