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Subject: Spring Festival, Seniors Lunch, Bannockburn Banner
Date Sent: March 7, 2016

We had a good discussion at Thursday's BCA meeting. We discussed three items in particular that I would like to bring to your attention if you missed the meeting.

Spring Festival

Bonnie Garrett reported that our spring festival is scheduled for 4-6 P.M. on May 15 at Concord Park . We will have fun activities, food, and a chance to visit with your neighbors, young and all. This should be another great festival. Please put this on your calendar. If you have suggestions or would like to volunteer, please contact Bonnie at

BCA seniors lunch

Edith Miles reports that BCA Good Neighbors Committee has organized a luncheon for "seniors" (over 50, but all are welcome) on Tuesday April 12, 2016 at 12:30 PM at the Hunters Inn, 10123 River Road Potomac Md. You can order individually from a varied menu. Please let Edith Miles (301-320-3299; know whether you can attend and whether you need transportation. Previous lunches at the same location were very successful.

The Bannockburn Banner

Our new editor of the Banner, Sarah Taylor discussed ways that the neighborhood can get involved in the Banner. Please send in your contributions- stories, pictures, recommendations - for upcoming issues to /240-204-4336

  • Pictures – We love pictures! Pictures are an easy way to help support the look of the Banner, as well as bring smiles to your fellow residents. Digital photographs with high quality capability are the way to go here - the more pixels the better!
  • Neighborhood News – We want to let you know what is going on and what has happened with social, school or fundraising events in and around the neighborhood so please let us know of activities in which you have been involved.
  • Business Beat – We are always looking for resident business owners to feature. It is an opportunity to let your neighborhood know the specifics of what you do, and services you can offer, as well as a background of who you are and where you are from.
  • Kids To Kids – Let your child be the rock star of the neighborhood as we profile a junior member of the community each month.
  • Family Spotlight/Meet Your Neighbors – Have you always wished you knew your neighbors better? Well, here is a great way to get to know them via the Banner. Please refer friends and neighbors to be highlighted.
  • Precious Pets – Pets are our pride and joy and we want to know about yours!
  • Resident Recipe – Share your cooking secrets and favorite recipes . All that is required are the ingredients and preparation advice, but a photo is always nice too.
  • Yard of the Month – If you have an outstanding yard or garden or know of a neighbor who does, snap some pictures and send them in.
  • Athlete Spotlight – Whether you are 4 or 40, a ballerina or a football player, we want to feature the athletes in the neighborhood.
  • Home of the Month/Living Spaces –Have an interesting house or renovation? Please details and photos.
  • Recognize Your Kids/Young Achievers – Parents, recognize or congratulate your kids about any sport, academic, or other activity achievement via the Banner.
  • Travel Tales - Share pictures of your interesting trip or family vacation.
  • Volunteer Spotlight or "Making a Difference" – We want to recognize the hardworking volunteers of the neighborhood and the charities or non-profit organizations that you support.

Staff Needed.

The Banner is looking for a part-time Content Coordinator - This is a paid position available for the Bannockburn Banner. Work from home. Set your own schedule (approximately 20 per month) Have fun! You must be a Bannockburn Estates resident. For more information, please email

Seeking Junior Writers

Attention Students – We are looking for kids age 8 to 18 interested in being on our team of Junior Writers. This is a great experience and wonderful extracurricular activity to add to college applications. It is very easy to participate; whenever your schedule permits, submit stories about people and activities in your neighborhood. In addition, book, movie and game reviews are welcome. If interested, have your parents email to schedule a meet and greet with parents and you.

I promise it will be fun and we pay $20 per story!

Lots going on. Enjoy this week's warm weather.

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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