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Subject: Airport Noise: Working Group
Date Sent: January 16, 2017


Montgomery County residents living under the new, ​highly ​concentrated flight path into and out of Reagan​ National​ Airport ​have come together to address the noise, air pollution and threat to property values that the​​se flight paths ​​impose.  

To learn more about this effort go to

You also can email to join the listserv. 

Our BCA liaison to this group is Bekki Sims (  Feel free to contact her if you have questions about airport noise issues and developments.   

Right now, there are two steps you can take to help the effort to limit airplane noise:

1. Write a letter to Support the Noise Working Group's 6-Point Plan

The community representatives of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Reagan National Community Noise Working Group recently submitted a plan to the MWAA that would benefit those of us under the current flight path.  

The plan calls on the FAA to: 1) move waypoints away from communities; 2) increase departure altitudes; 3) implement a runway rotation plan to scatter departure noise more equitably; and 4) review approach procedures to determine changes necessary to reduce noise.

To voice your support for this plan, please consider sending the following letter - or writing your own.  You can use the email addresses below.  To view the full names of the recipients, see and click on "downloads".


SUBJECT: Reducing Airplane Noise in Montgomery County

Dear MWAA Commissioner and Elected Officials,

I am a Montgomery County resident who is deeply impacted by severe increases in airplane noise and frequency over my home and community.

I urge you to support the 6-Point Plan that was presented December 15 by the community representatives (DC, VA, MD) of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Noise Advisory Working Group. 

This plan is designed to address the untenable concentration of airplane noise over our communities created by FAA's actions in 2015.

While we recognize the need to upgrade flight operation efficiency, we implore you to consider the serious adverse impacts the current flight paths have caused our communities.  We essentially have had a superhighway installed over our homes, schools and parks without any notice or opportunity to voice our concerns.  We have gone from relatively infrequent airplane noise to low flying airplanes flying overhead practically every 1-3 minutes.  We can no longer open windows in our homes or schools, converse in our backyards or enjoy a ballgame in our local fields due to the constant noise.   

We believe it is extremely unfair that a small number of communities must bear the burden of hundreds of flights daily.  The 6-Point Plan offers reasonable suggestions to more equitably distribute the noise.

As one who is accountable for airplane traffic policy, I am counting on you to help reduce airplane noise in our Montgomery County communities by supporting the Noise Working Group's Plan.

Sincerely yours,

Please sign your name and indicate your neighborhood.

2. Submit a Noise Complaint While there is power in numbers, many complaints by a few is not as powerful as complaints by many.

So please continue to submit online complaints AND remind and encourage others to do so as well.  It only takes a few seconds.

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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