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Subject: Concord Park Alert
Date Sent: February 13, 2017


Dear Bannockburn Community:  

Please make note that over the last week and a 1/2, used condoms and several small bags of marijuana have been found on the grounds of the concord school and park. As many of you know, very young kids attend school there at Suburban Nursery School and Apple Montessori.  So I write this not only on behalf of both the schools but also a parent and one who frequents the park grounds with my child and our dog. 

Kindly note that Montgomery county public schools and building security are on alert. The concern is also that the parking lot being used for drugs and sex. As this affects us all, and being a neighborhood that cares for each other and our children, please do your best to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Of course, please call the police immediately. 

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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