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Subject: May 7 Spring Festival; Airport Noise Update
Date Sent: April 5, 2017


Spring Festival on May 7. I am pleased to announce that our Spring Festival will be held at Concord Park on Sunday, May 7, from 4-6 PM. It will be a very festive event with activities, food and a chance to visit with neighbors. More details will follow later, but in the meantime please mark your calendars.

Aircraft Noise Efforts. Bekki Sims, who is our representative in the Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition, asked me to pass along the following information:

Council member Berliner has supported our efforts and asked the County to explore taking legal action against the FAA over the increased air traffic and noise over Montgomery County. You may want to contact Council member Berliner to thank him for his support.

You can reach Bekki Sims at 301-229-6203. You can support the Coalition effort by:

*Sending an email to FAA and elected officials. The Coalition website has their addresses under "downloads and templates."

*Submitting a complaint and include in the comments "Resident of the Bannockburn Community." The website link is:

The Coalition advises that unless the FAA hears from large number of neighbors, they will use the lack of complaints "against us" to maintain the status quo. File and enlist your neighbors to file complaints.

The Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition will meet this Thursday, April 6, at 7:30 pm in the Brookmont Church, 4000 Virginia Place, Bethesda, MD 20816. All are welcome.

BCA Meeting Volunteers. We are looking for a couple of volunteers to help with our quarterly meetings. What is involved is obtaining refreshments such as lemonade and cookies (you are reimbursed) and helping to set up our meeting room. A few hours of your time each quarter will provide important help to make our meetings successful.

Speakers. We are always looking ahead to identify people, preferably neighbors, who can speak at our meetings. This is a vibrant community of accomplished people with diverse careers and interests. Suggestions are appreciated.

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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