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Subject: Action To Combat Airport Noise
Date Sent: May 26, 2017


As you will recall, BCA is participating in the Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition. Our liaison to the Coalition, Bekki Sims, asked me to pass along the following message. Regards, Ted Garrett, BCA President


Dear Neighbors,

Our elected officials want to hear from you! We know you are busy and sleep deprived, but our leaders really want to be able to say they have received thousands of letters from constituents rather than only hearing from a few.

A personal letter is best, but if you only have time to cut and paste, a letter template and email list is provided below. Please remember to include your neighborhood and your name. Even if you have written before, please consider sending another letter.

We need short emails to elected officials telling them to fight for us. We also need online complaints, because those are tallied by the Airport Authority and the FAA. We have to keep up the pressure or else it will be assumed we have accepted the current noise situation.

Please forward this to anyone you know who is willing to support our efforts by sending a short email. - Rep Raskin - Rep Delaney - Sen Van Hollen - Sen Cardin - County Executive Leggett - Council President Berliner - MoCo Council - Governor Hogan - MD Delegate Korman - FAA Administrator Huerta - Metro Washington Airports Authority, Appointed MD Board Member

Dear ____ :

I write to express my strong objection to the new flight paths over my home in Bannockburn. Prior to 2015, I barely noticed airplanes flying overhead. Now, loud and low flying airplanes roar overhead once every 1 to 3 minutes. The noise begins before 6 am and continues until after midnight. It is relentless.

Every day that passes, my family and I are exposed to excessive noise levels and increased air pollution from a steady stream of jet traffic over our community. This noise and air pollution did not exist when we moved here and we were given no notice that air traffic would be rerouted over our homes.

I implore you to take immediate action to eliminate these damaging flight paths over our communities.

Sincerely yours,


Click here to file Noise Complaints: MC Quiet Skies Coalition website:

If you have any questions about the Coalition, send email to: You can reach Bekki Sims, our liaison, by e-mail to:

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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