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Subject: Airport Noise,  BCA Fall Festival & Dues
Date Sent: September 14, 2017


Airport Noise. Montgomery County residents living under the new, concentrated flight path into and out of Reagan National Airport have come together to address the noise, air pollution and threat to property values resulting from these flight paths. Our BCA liaison to this group is Bekki Sims.

Our BCA meeting on Thursday, September 7, 2017, featured a presentation by Ann Hollander, who together with Bekki Sims has been representing our neighborhood in the MC Quiet Skies Coalition (MCQSC). Quiet Skies is a coalition of concerned citizens and community associations from over 20 Montgomery County neighborhoods, including the Bannockburn Citizens Association. The coalition is working with residents, elected officials, the FAA and others to address excessive levels of noise, air pollution, and health and safety risks resulting from the FAA's flight paths and procedures at Reagan National Airport.

Ann and Bekki emphasize that the best avenue for action by BCA neighbors at this time is to register noise complaints with the FAA. File early and often. We are told that the FAA counts complaints in making its decision. Click here to file Noise Complaints:

All neighbors who are concerned with airplane noise and pollution issues are requested to send their names and emails to Bekki Sims [], who will set up a listserv to keep interested folks informed about such developments. You can also check the MC Quiet Skies Coalition website:

Tonight's MCQSC Meeting

We have just learned that Governor Hogan's Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. Sean Powell, will attend the MCQSC meeting tonight. He would like to meet members of the coalition and discuss the Governor's recently announced decision to pursue legal action against the FAA. Details follow below.

Brookmont Church, 4000 Virginia Place, Bethesda
7:00 PM - New member orientation
7:30 PM - Meeting

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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