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Subject: BCA Fall Festival & Dues
Date Sent: September 14, 2017


Fall Festival: Our fall festival will be held on Sunday, October 15, from 3-5 PM at Concord Park. Please plan to come and join your neighbors at this festive event. We will have food and the usual activities for neighbors of all ages. If you have questions or would like to help with the festival, contact Bonnie Garrett:

Dues. Contributions to the Bannockburn Citizens Association (BCA) keeps our community connected and represents neighbors who live in the area bounded by Wilson Lane, MacArthur Boulevard, Selkirk Drive, River Road, and Cabin John Regional Park. BCA deals with matters such as zoning/covenants, neighborhood security, airport noise, welcoming to new neighbors, good neighbor activities, and the Bannockburn Banner magazine. BCA dues are also used for our spring and fall Festivals and our General Meetings.

Payments at one of the three dues levels (Member $30, Supporting Member $50, Patron $100) may be made by sending your check payable to Bannockburn Citizens Association to Karen Lesser, BCA Treasurer, 6923 Heatherhill Road, Bethesda, MD 20817.

Please be aware that you may receive solicitations to join and pay dues to an entirely separate community association with a similar name, the Bannockburn Civic Association, which represents people who live on the other (south/east) side of Wilson Lane. You are of course free to also join the Civic Association, but we urge all neighbors who reside in our community to join and support the activities of BCA, which focuses on your neighborhood.

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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