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COVID-19, BCA Activities, Spring Flowers, Airport Noise
Date Sent: April 18, 2020


Dear Neighbor:

I hope that you are well and keeping safe. There is currently no vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, so social distancing and mitigation are the recommended course. On the positive side, this is a wonderful neighborhood to shelter in place, especially with milder spring weather, the greening of the landscape and spring flowers. Neighbors are walking in the neighborhood, keeping very safe distances.

I am writing to update you on some developments relating to our neighborhood.

COVID-19 Resources

Maryland State and County governments are working to understand the dimensions of the crisis and to determine how best to assist. To that end, I’m providing some links to sources of information and guidance on the coronavirus/COVID-19:

The State has an A to Z resource guide and a COVID-19 dashboard with statistics by area and answers to frequently asked questions:

You can find information about Montgomery County services and closures at:

To apply for unemployment benefits, visit the Maryland Department of Labor's website:

To learn more about loans available to help businesses impacted by COVID-19, see the following:

Spring Flowers

Wishing to spread some cheer during this COVID-19 spring, Geert and Leslie Van Brandt have opened up their flower gardens to all BCA neighbors this weekend and next week. Their home is at 7000 Selkirk Drive. No need to make an appointment. Walk up the long driveway, continue past the garage all the way to the back, follow the path to the terrace, cross the terrace to the right and continue on the path. You’ll see flowers everywhere.

Take your time to explore and enjoy, but of course please keep a safe distance from other neighbors who may happen to be visiting.

BCA During COVID-19

We have suspended plans for general meetings and our Spring Festival consistent during this COVID-19 shelter in place period. We will let you know when we plan to resume these activities.

Our Website. Thanks to Matt Koll, the Chair of our Website Committee, the BCA Website, is functioning and up to date again. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me or Matt Koll.

Our Covenants Committee, headed by Mark Pollack, continues to review new construction activity to make sure that our neighborhood covenants are satisfied. If you have questions or know of home construction in the area, you may email Mark.

Our Neighborhood Security Committee, headed by John Hannula, works with our block captains and the county to monitor incidents and make suggestions improve neighborhood security. If you have suggestions or wish to volunteer to be a block captain, email John Hannula. If you see something suspicious, call the police non-emergency number 301-279-8000 or 911 for a crime in progress.

Our Welcome Committee, Gala Voyt and Cecily Abrams, welcomes new BCA neighbors. Visits to new neighbors are suspended for the present, but if you know of new arrivals to the neighborhood or would like to help on this committee, please email Gala.

Airport Noise> As you may recall, BCA is participating in the Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition, The FAA has reopened proceedings in our area because the agency received a request from the Secret Service to spread out some of the flights because of concern with planes flying close to the White House no fly zone. There is thus an opportunity to make a fresh record of complaints that could lead to some improvement in flight paths and form the basis for a lawsuit if the FAA is not responsive. The FAA pays attention to the number of complaints, and affected people can file complaints as often as they experience planes that offend.
To file complaints about airplane noise to the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA), please use their new web address:
If you have any questions about the Coalition, you may email or Ann Hollander, our association's hard working representative on the Coalition.

Other COVID-19 Resources

You can keep informed about COVID-19 issues by reading updates on the CDC Coronavirus website, the CDC Travel website, and ongoing news and articles. Below FYI are some additional selected resources.

Best wishes,

Theodore L. Garrett
BCA President
6604 Broxburn Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817

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