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Date Sent: APRIL 22, 2021


Dear Neighbor: I hope this finds you well and safe. Many of you are walking in the neighborhood and enjoying the lovely spring weather.

Invitation: 'tis the season for TULIPS at 7000 Selkirk Drive.

Geert and Leslie Van Brandt invite all Bannockburn neighbors to visit their ‘micro-Keukenhof’ garden in the next few days as the tulips are peaking. Most of the tulips are in the rear of our home. Please observe Covid precautions.

Geert and Leslie VAN BRANDT
7000 Selkirk Drive

Quiet Skies Coalition

Anne Hollander, our BCA representative to the Quiet Skies Coalition, has brought the following to our attention. The FAA has requested comments on its ongoing airport noise review. The FAA requested comments by April 14, but I think it would be helpful for the agency to continue to receive comments if you have not already commented.

This link provides more background: FAA Noise Study

If you have further questions regarding the above, please contact Anne Hollander, our BCA representative to the Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition, or send an email to:

Click here to file noise complaints. Please visit the MC Quiet Skies Coalition website.

Stay well and safe. Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

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