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Bannockburn Citizens Association Fall Festival
Date Sent: September 26, 2022


Dear Neighbors: I hope that you are well and enjoying the wonderful fall weather.

Fall Festival. I am pleased to announce that the Bannockburn Citizens Association (BCA) will host a Fall Festival on October 9 from 3-5 pm at the Concord School park, 7216 Hidden Creek Road. We are finally able to safely resume our semi-annual Festival outdoors. This event is being sponsored and paid for by BCA.

Please join this neighborhood event for your entire family including your dogs. We will feature balloon creations, special craft projects, a dog show, and lots of pizza, ice cream and snacks. We look forward to seeing you there! Please share this invitation with your neighbors.

Volunteers needed. If you are able to help Jane Pettit at the crafts table on October 9 or otherwise help with the Festival, please send an email to Festival@BannockburnCitizens.org. We look forward to seeing you there! Please share this invitation with your neighbors.

Welcoming New Neighbors. Gala Voyt and Cecily Abrams visit and welcome new BCA neighbors. You will often know of new neighbors before we do. If you learn of new arrivals to the neighborhood or would like to help on this committee, please email Gala at Welcoming@BannockburnCitizens.org.

Walking Group. As reported previously, our Thursday morning neighborhood walks have resumed. The group meets at the corner of Loch Lomond and Broxburn Drive at 8:30 am, although the starting time may vary with the season/weather. The group will wait a few minutes for everyone who confirms in advance with Bonnie Garrett at Festival@BannockburnCitizens.org.

Neighborhood Security. The committee, headed by John Hannula, works with our block captains and the county to monitor incidents and make suggestions improve neighborhood security. John also passes along information from the county police. If you have suggestions or wish to volunteer to be a block captain, contact John Hannula at Security@BannockburnCitizens.org. Remember: if you see something suspicious, call the police non-emergency number 301-279-8000 or 911 for a crime in progress.

Construction. Our Covenants Committee chair, Mark Pollak, continues to monitor construction and permit applications in the neighborhood and communicates with owners and builders about compliance with the BCA covenants, which address front and side setbacks and any change to the footprint of the house, among other matters. County regulations and our BCA policies also encourage developers and homeowners to preserve the tree canopy in the neighborhood. See the attached link to our website: http://bannockburncitizens.org/covanants-constitution/covenant-faqs.php If you learn of, or have questions about, a new construction, renovation or sale, contact Mark at Covenants@BannockburnCitizens.org.

Website. Matt Koll, our Website Committee Chair, resuscitated and updated our BCA website: http://bannockburncitizens.org. Let Matt know if there is anything on the website that appears to need updating or if you have other suggestions to make it more useful. WebsiteEditor@BannockburnCitizens.org.

Aircraft Noise. Anne Hollander is our representative to the County’s Quiet Skies Coalition. She advises that in July the FAA reported that the agency is backed up reviewing and approving new procedure designs, and therefore implementation of the new DCA approach procedures, including moving the waypoint from Maryland to Virginia (over CIA unpopulated property), will likely not happen until mid-year 2023, and possibly later. The Coalition is disappointed by the delay but remains hopeful that the changes, once implemented, will reduce noise for our communities. In the meantime, please send your noise complaints so that the public record reflects what you are experiencing. The website link is: https://viewpoint.emsbk.com/dca3.

Best Wishes,
Ted Garrett,
BCA President

Contributions are used for BCA expenditures, such as costs for our semi-annual festivals.
Please make checks payable to Bannockburn Citizens Association. Send your dues to Karen Lesser, BCA Treasurer, 6923 Heatherhill Road, Bethesda, MD 20817

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House # and Street: _________________________

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